eBook: 2 years on the road – 100 Q&A

This journey started on July 18th 2016.

Two people, one 30-year-old van and one direction: South.

Mucho has happened in these two years on the road. We drove all the way from Seattle to Peru. We saw mechanics in every country. We were broke.
We shipped the van to South America. We got self-employed. We climbed volcanoes, we saw whales, we slept at 4200 m.a.s.
We’re still on the road even though this should’ve lasted only 1 year.

And we got asked the same questions over and over again:
Where do you sleep? What’s your budget? Isn’t it dangerous?

So we decided to write this eBook and answer all those questions for you.
Pay as much as you want. 10 percent is being donated.

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The eBook contains:

– 100 real questions and honest answers
– Tips & tricks
– Information on all countries visited
– Lots of anecdotes and short stories
– Fun facts and all the odd stuff
– All resources like websites, apps, podcasts, books
– Lovely illustrations
– 74 pages


The wonderful cover illustration was done by Alejandro Giraldo whom we got to know in Medellin.

ALL 100 questions we answer:

1. Don’t you get bored after two years of travelling?
2. Why did you decide to extend your trip?
3. How do you decide for a route?
Tips for planning the travel route:
4. Isn’t Central America dangerous?
5. Would you do something differently?
6. Which are your favorite countries?
7. Do I have to be able to Spanish for the Panamericana?
8. Have you had problems with the machismo?
9. Are you never scared?
10. How was Burning Man?
11. Isn’t it difficult to eat as a vegan while travelling?
12. Isn’t Galapagos super expensive?
13. Do you have travel rules that you follow?
14. Is there a big van life community in Latin America?
15. Has anything been stolen from you?
16. Which are the biggest advantages of travelling in a camper?
17. Do you have many insect encounters?
18. Isn’t it boring to be on vacation all the time?
19. Is it possible to travel like this with children?
20. How do you spend your time while driving?
21. Can you go for a run easily everywhere?
22. Do you stop for hitch-hikers?
23. Did you ever have to bribe someone?
24. Did you bring any special clothing?
25. Do you get to know many people?
26. Are you chilling out all day?
27. Where do you buy groceries?
28. Who does the dishes more often?
29. What’s your budget?
30. How do you get cash money without paying fees?
31. Do you have money-saving tips?
32. How often do you shower?
33. Where do you sleep?
34. Do you even know what day it is?
35. How do you wash your clothes?
36. Do you cook often?
37. What annoys you?
38. How do you reduce waste?
39. Was the first eBook a success?
40. How exactly do you make money on the road?
41. Isn’t it exhausting to work on the road?
42. Why did you found your own agency and stop freelancing?
43. Where do you get internet from?
44. How do you handle trolls?
45. Are there many mountains in South America?
46. Do people recognize you?
47. Why did you volunteer in Quito for a month?
48. Aren’t you scared to lose connection to the working world?
49. Are you digital nomads?
50. Are you influencers?
51. How much do you work?
52. How did you get 30k followers on Instagram?
53. Do you pay taxes?
54. What about your pension fund?
55. Why did you decide for a VW Vanagon?
56. Why didn’t you buy a van in the US instead of shipping one from Switzerland?
57. How much does it cost to ship a van?
58. Isn’t it more dangerous to ship RoRo instead of in a container?
59. How do you keep warm in the cold and vice versa?
60. And where’s the van now?
61. Did you have many breakdowns?
62. How are the mechanics in Latin America?
63. What would you change on your van?
64. What do you love in your van?
65. Do you take any safety precautions when in the van?
66. Are you going to sell the van at the end of the trip?
67. How do you keep the van clean?
68. Is four-wheel-drive important for a trip like yours?
69. What have you never used and/or given away?
70. How much money have you invested in repairs and which spares have you used?
71. How do you cook?
72. Which electronics did you bring?
I’m average at fucking best.
73. How did you come up with the idea to this trip?
74. Why is your Spanish so good?
75. Do you fight often?
76. Where do you take your courage from?
77. Gabs, how do you handle women things on the road?
78. Why did you become vegan?
79. Are you minimalists?
80. Isn’t it hard to work out on the road?
81. Have you ever been sick?
82. How has your relation to money changed?
83. Why do you get new tattoos all the time?
84. Have you ever been in a scary/dangerous situation?
85. When are you coming back home for good?
86. What do you order from home when people visit you?
87. What do you indulge in?
88. Why is Sandro’s hair so long?
89. Between us: It’s not as cool as it looks like on Instagram, right?
90. Do you have unnecessary things in the van?
91. Are you married?
92. What are the challenges when you’re from Liechtenstein?
93. Do you often teach yoga while on the road?
94. What were the hardest moments?
95. Aren’t visits exhausting?
96. Sandro, when are we finally going to hear your songs?
97. Have you ever wanted to adopt a dog?
98. Have you changed in these two years?
99. What do your families say about your lifestyle?
100. What are your plans for the future?

If you read the eBook we wrote in 2017 and think about if you should even bother to read this one: We’d say this is the one you should definitely read! It’s written completely new, there are many new questions in there and it’s almost double the size. This is where both years come together, with tons of info, new discoveries and insights into a life that has changed a lot again in this second year on the road.

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